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Carpet Cleaning

Snow White Dry Cleaners is a one stop solution for your cleaning needs. We are the specialists in soft furnishing, carpet, rugs, upholstery, soft furnishings, rug, tapestry, leather and suede cleaning in London. If there is anything else apart from the itemized list, you are welcome to check with us. We are positive to accommodate your tiring task or at least we can connect you to relevant expert.

We work with a devoted crew of carpet cleaning experts. Along with the modern equipment, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to guarantee spick-and-span carpet cleaning in Islington, Highbury, Holloway Road, Hackney, Canonbury, Seven Sisters Road, Highgate and Upper Holloway’s geographical boundaries across London. Either we give you an estimate for cleaning soft furnishings, carpets, leather and suede or you hire our modern equipment. Rent our equipment for £25.00 / 24hours and chemicals, 1L for only £9. This will give you the same professional result, each time you clean your soft furnishings or carpet.

As the professional dry cleaners, we suggest our customers to clean their carpets and soft furnishings more often. This is for the longevity and hygiene of your carpets. We understand hoarded grit and soil, diminishes carpet and textile life. At the same time, it enhances the health hazards caused by dust mites and allergens. That’s why, we provide risk-free procedures and finest products that are gentle on the soft furnishings and carpet to boost their longevity. This also enhances the efficient odor neutralization, reduces allergens threat, effective stain removal in prompt turnaround time. Our professional excellence emits truly outstanding results. The whole cleaning experience with us adds unparalleled value for the money.

We have a lithe delivery and collection time that harmonize with your convenience. In addition to this, we offer free consultancy on the satisfactory washing process for the carpets and soft furnishings (both on-site or off-site). After the thorough inspection of the job, we will give you an estimate. This blows vigilance in our work and ensure client satisfaction. We collect, clean and deliver the items in a prompt turnaround time for an outstanding experience. The carpet is pre-vacuumed before the work commences and any areas of stains are pre-spotted by hand. Any remaining stains will be re-treated and the carpet will be finished with a sour rinse to improve its aesthetic appearance. Once all carpets have been cleaned and treated, our professional will examine the finished results to ensure quality. If you are unsatisfied with the services we promised, we will re-clean for free.

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